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1More Sonoflow Wireless ANC Headphones (Loomis Johnson)

Apos Caspian I (Loomis Johnson)

Apos Caspian II (Durwood)

Apple Airpods Max (Kazi Mahbub Mutakabbir)

Final Sonorous-III and Sonorous-II (Alberto Pittaluga)

Final UX3000 (English) (Jürgen Kraus)

Final UX3000 (Japanese) (Jürgen Kraus)

Hifiman Anada BT (Kazi Mahbub Mutakabbir)

Jabbra Elite 45H (Loomis Johnson)

Koss KPH7 (Jürgen Kraus)

Koss KSC75 (Loomis Johnson)

Koss KTXPRO1 (Loomis Johnson)

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless Bluetooth (Loomis Johnson)

Moondrop Joker (Jürgen Kraus)

Naenka Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headphone (Loomis Johnson)

Naenka Runner Pro Bone Conduction Headphones for Swimmers (Loomis Johnson)

Nank (Naenka) Runner Pro 2 Bone Conduction Headphones (Loomis Johnson)

OneOdio A70 (Alberto Pittaluga)

OneOdio Pro 10 (Durwood)

Oneodio Pro C Wired + Wireless (Y80B) (Durwood)

Oneodio Monitor 60 (Durwood)

Phiaton 900 Legacy (Loomis Johnson)

Sennheiser HD 600 Series Mod (Jürgen Kraus)

Sennheiser Momentum 1 (Loomis Johnson)

Sennheiser Momentum 4 TWS (Loomis Johnson)

Sony MDR1 (Loomis Johnson)

Sony WH-1000XM4 [Wireless, Noise Cancelling] (Loomis Johnson)

Status Audio BT One (Loomis Johnson)

SuperEQ S1 ANC (Loomis Johnson)

Teufel Massive (Jürgen Kraus)

V-Moda M-200 (Jürgen Kraus)


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